Our legacy product, recommended for users of Mac OS 10.3.9 - 10.5, but OK in later Mac OS X versions, Bookdog allows users to sort (selectively alphabetize), import/export, migrate, verify, find redirects, search, and find duplicates among their bookmarks collections in Safari, Firefox, Camino, Google Bookmarks, Delicious, OmniWeb, Opera, Shiira 2.x and Netscape Navigator. Migrations can be scheduled using Apple's Automator, and bookmarks on other networked Macs or backup disks are easily accessible.  Bookdog is no longer available.

Please consider one of our newer apps instead.

In case you're still using Bookdog and like it, Bookdog still works in later Mac OS X versions, and gets occasional compatibility updates.  However, you cannot use Bookdog on your Safari bookmarks if you are also using iCloud to sync your Safari bookmarks.  Our newer apps can handle iCloud.

The Help Book for the newer BookMacster App Family contains a Guide for Bookdog Graduates.