Sheep Systems specializes in unique utilities for Mac OS X.  We offer products for managing your web browsers' bookmarks.  Click one of our product titles on this page for complete information.

Bookmarks Manager Selection Guide

Bookmarks Manager Selection Guide

 Compare and contrast our current offering of Bookmarks Manager apps


Synkmark is your bridge for syncing bookmarks among Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, Google Chrome and others.  Synkmark can also keep your bookmarks alphabetized as you prefer, verified and free of duplicates.  Synkmark is compatible with Firefox Sync, Sign in to Chrome and Opera Sync.


Markster keeps your bookmarks in a central, full-featured store that is accessible from within any web browser via global keyboard shortcut, Dock menu or Menu Bar Item, without any syncing.


The Bookmarks Master for your Mac, BookMacster is a full-featured, standalone bookmarks manager and cross-browser, multi-Mac bookmarks synchronization tool.  BookMacster is two apps in one, combining the capabilities of Synkmark and Markster.

Bookdog Bark!

Bookdog Bark!

Great for cubicle/office environments.  Instead of one of Apple's alerts, our Chief Bookdog really gets attention whenever you make a mistake.