Goodbye to Delicious, aka

The Delicious, aka bookmarking service has undergone several ownership changes, and during the last year the site has often been not working.  Last year at this time, we were fielding support requests from Delicious users.  After testing, we responded by saying Yes, it looks like Delicious is down again.  There is of course nothing we can do to fix that.

A few weeks ago, after testing BookMacster with Delicious failed repeatedly, I discovered that Delicious had changed their interface a few months ago, and that, at this time, BookMacster is no longer working with Delicious even when their site is up and running.  (The Delicious site was working OK yesterday, but today it took 90 seconds to load the handful of bookmarks in my test account.)

But not a single user has complained about BookMacster no longer working with Delicoius.  Our conclusion: All users got tired of the Delicious site not working, and moved on from Delicious before the latest, permanent breakage with BookMacster occurred.

Therefore, we plan to remove support for Delicious in our next release.  If any of you have think we got this wrong, please post a comment here or
post on the forum or send us a email.

Jerry Krinock