New Features in BookMacster, Synkmark, Markster and Smarky Version 2.2

Versions 2.2 of BookMacster, Synkmark and Smarky have three new features to help you maintain your bookmarks.

 Find/Replace Text

Find tab is now Find/Replace Text, and is now a full-featured find/replace utility for any of your bookmarks’ text attributes (Name, URL, Shortcut, Comments).  This is demonstrated at the beginning of the video below.

 Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks

Many websites are now secured with SSL certificates.  It is more secure to visit these sites using the newer, more secure https:// protocol.  Running Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks tab will test each insecure bookmark, and upgrade all which respond to the more secure https:// protocol.  This is demonstrated beginning at 0:48 into the video below.

Remove URL Cruft

Links posted on the internet nowadays often have long URLs which contain cruft  which is not necessary to load the page you want, but may be there to track where you got the link from or other ancillary purposes.  Running 
Remove URL Cruft  will search for known cruft, or cruft you define in your bookmarks, show you what it found, and then delete the cruft for you, resulting in shorter, cleaner URLs.  This is demonstrated beginning at 1:34 into the video below.

Running time for is movie this 2 min 22 sec.