Switching From One of our Apps to Another

Generally, you dont want more than one bookmarks manager managing your bookmarks.  But we allow for your needs to change by offering pricing discounts when going from one of or bookmarks manager apps to another.

All of our apps are sold by stores which are built into the app.  To get a license license any app, launch the app you want, and click in the application menu: Licensing > Try or Buy.   For example, if you want BookMacster, it looks like this…


Then, in the next window, click Purchase.  The new app will look for installed licenses, and if found, our system will present an order form with the appropriately discounted price.  If that price is $0.00 USD (Free), it will bypass the checkout.

If the form does not indicate the price you expect from the tables below, please fill out our 
Lost License form, and in the Remarks, tell us what you want.  We’ll look up your prior licenses manually and send an appropiate coupon code.

Technically, you can keep more than one of apps installed, but don’t use both simultaneously.  The apps have some interlocks built into them, which remind you of this, and prevent them from stepping on one another.

Updating from Bookdog to Smarky, Synkmark, Markster or BookMacster

Time since Bookdog License     Discount
Up to 2 years     $0.00 USD (Free)
2 to 3 years     50-60% off
3 to 4 years     25-26% off
over 4 years     10-16% off

Crossing Between Smarky, Synkmark or Markster, to or from BookMacster

Upgrade from Smarky to BookMacster     $11.95 USD
Upgrade from Synkmark to BookMacster     $6.95 USD
Upgrade from Markster to BookMacster     $6.95 USD
Downgrade from BookMacster to Smarky     $0.00 USD (Free)
Downgrade from BookMacster to Synkmark     $0.00 USD (Free)
Downgrade from BookMacster to Markster     $0.00 USD (Free)