Firefox Extension “Disabled”, or Error 651507 or 453008

If you are using BookMacster or Synkmark to sync with Firefox, and Firefox is telling you that our Sheep Systems extension is disabled, or if BookMacster or Synkmark produce Error 651507 or 453008 when importing from or exporting to Firefox, the problem is likely that you must update BookMacster and Synkmark to keep pace with Firefox.  To update, launch BookMacster or Synkmark and click in the application menu: Check for Update.

Firefox 47 or later (2016 June 7)

If, like most people, you are allowing Firefox to update automatically, then soon after 2016 June 7 you will be using Firefox version 47. Firefox 47 requires version 329 of our Sheep Systems Sync Extension, which is only available version 2.2.5 or later of BookMacster or Synkmark.  If you are still using BookMacster or Synkmark version 1.x, this will require an 
upgrade from version 1 to verison 2 of BookMacster or Synkmark.

Firefox 43-46

If you have Firefox version 43-46, you may use version 1.22.41 or 1.22.43 of BookMacster or Synkmark, if you manually download and install version 324 using this 
standalone installer.

Firefox 42 or earlier

If you have Firefox version 42 or earlier, you may use version 1.22.41 or 1.22.43 of our apps, with version 323 of our Sheep Systems Firefox Extension.