Synkmark, Markster & BookMacster 2.x

Version 2.x is a paid upgrade from version 1.x, and requires OS X 10.10 or later.

In addition to improved appearance and many bug fixes, version 2 has some new features for maintaining your bookmarks.

Version 1 licenses of Smarky, Synkmark, Markster and BookMacster will not work in Version 2.  Users upgrading to Version 2 must obtain a new license.  Pricing, in U.S. dollars, depends on how long ago your Version 1 license was acquired, as shown in the table below.  You may try the new version first, by clicking the 3-day Demo (Trial) button, to get a free trial.  You may do this three times, to get a total of 9 trial days.  If you decide to purchase, click the Regular License button.  Our built-in store will find license from any of our products and automatically apply the appropriate discount, be it upgrade, downgrade or crossgrade.

Less than 18 monthsr 18-30 months More than 30 months New User
Smarky 0.00 2.95 4.95 11.95
Synkmark 0.00 4.95 6.95 16.95
Markster 0.00 4.95 6.95 16.95
BookMacster 0.00 4.95 9.95 22.95

Viability of Version 1

Although version 1 of our apps will launch and do something in macOS 10.6 and up, we no longer test them. The following are known issues:

For BookMacster and Synkmark users, the old versions of our browser extensions which version 1 contains are not compabitle with current versions of Chrome or Firefox. Therefore, if you are syncing bookmarks with Chrome or Firefox, or using our toolbar button in Chrome or menu item in Firefox, in order to use version 1 of our apps, you must also be using old versions of Chrome and/or Firefox, and, of course, disable their automatic updating. For Chrome, you must be using Chrome 47 or earlier. For FIrefox, you must be using Firefox 42 or earlier, although with a little hack, you may use up to Firefox 46.

Old versions of macOS, old versions of Chrome and old versions of Firefox, are all less secure than current versions. Almost any Mac made since 2010 will run the current versions. We encourage all users to update their systems if possible.

For Safari users, if you are using iCloud to sync your Safari bookmarks (usually to iOS devices), and macOS 10.12 or later, and if your iOS devices are on iOS 10 or later, there is a high probability that Apple has already or shall very soon migrate your iCloud account to their new CloudKit protocol which only version 2 of our apps can handle. You should therefore not use version 1 of our apps if you are using iCloud to sync Safari with the latest versions of iOS and macOS. We have not done enough testing to be sure of those version number cutoffs, but generally earlier versions of macOS and iOS are safer to use with version 1 of our apps.

To summarize, if you sync your bookmarks with current versions of web browsers, you need to be using a current version of our apps too.

How to revert to or get Version 1

Please read and consider the previous section on viability before proceeding with Version 1.

If you've updated to version 2 of our apps, would still prefer to revert to version 1.x, the updater probably put it in your Trash.  You may retrieve it out of there and replace your new version with it.

If you don’t find it there, or if you are purposefully wanting old versions for an old (insecure) version of macOS, you may download version 1 from these links:  Smarky 1.22  Synkmark 1.22  Markster 1.22  BookMacster 1.22

Version 1 licenses are upgradeable to version 2, free for a time, as explained above.